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The global consumption of Indian entertainment content has been on a meteoric rise over the past decade. Riding on the growing demand is RTS TV – an Android-based mobile app that delivers Indian TV shows and programs for free across the world. With over 100 live Indian TV channels, 2000+ movies, and a smooth interface, RTS TV APK promises unlimited desi entertainment.

In this extensive review, we analyze RTS Power Share Price TV’s offerings, user experience, and market viability to see if it manages to capture the unique requirements of an Indian expat longing for daily doses of masala TV…all at zero subscription costs!

RTS TV App: Exploring the Offerings

Easy Registration Process

RTS APP TV has implemented a simple email-based signup system. You just provide your email ID and set a password to register. No cumbersome personal details or payments are involved. The signup takes barely a minute with a verification mail delivered instantly to your inbox.


Diverse Content Library

RTSTV APP grants access to over 100 popular Indian television channels across genres like Entertainment, Movies, Music, News, Spiritual and Regional. Within each section, you’ll find familiar Indian channel names serving content in languages like Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Gujarati among others. So that homesick binge of Star Plus serials or Zee TV reality shows is now covered.

Additionally, there are over 2000 all-time Indian movie hits available if you wish to relive classics from the Raj Kapoor era through modern flicks like Dangal and Bahubali. The movies section however lacks any intelligent categorization; neither alphabets nor genres, making search inefficient.

Personalized ‘My Channels’ Prioritization

For a customized viewing experience, the RTS TV APP allows you to mix your favorite channels under the ‘My Channels’ section. So you can have news, serials, 90’s songs, and devotional content all in one place for relaxed viewing rather than channel surfing relentlessly. You can also bookmark movies or videos to watch later.

Casting and Downloads Supported

RTS TV Download lets you cast streaming content onto television screens which enlarges entertainment to a shared experience. For offline usage, video downloads are enabled within the app in qualities stretching to 1080p full HD. Downloads can be managed under the ‘My Videos’ section similar to ‘My Channels’.


Content Streaming Performance

On 3G networks, RTS live TV delivered fairly smooth streaming with occasional buffer throttles during peak hours. On WiFi, the performance is relatively glitch-free across 480p and 720p qualities, even for the more data-intensive movie buffering. For Indian TV soaps and serials with limited motion, SD 360p worked reliably for the most part. The streaming relies entirely on progressive download buffering as no true live streaming channel feeds are offered.

Advertisements and Premium Subscription

RTS TV APK Download has embedded advertisements on the player interface and cross sections. These promotions can be avoided by opting for a quarterly premium package priced nominally. Additionally, the subscription unlocks simultaneous streaming across 5 devices, advanced downloads, and removes ads. The premium route is optional but enhances overall enjoyment.

Evaluating the RTS TV User Experience

RTS TV mod APK is equivalent to traditional Indian TV…minus the antennas, set-top boxes, and cables! The viewing canvas keeps you visually hooked while navigating is highly reminiscent of flipping local Indian TV channels. Let’s examine aspects that define the app’s usability.


Simplistic Interface

Unlike advanced but complex video streaming apps, RTS Sports TV keeps the layout connected to key sections like Home, My Channels, Movies, Downloads, and Menu. First-timers can instantly figure out their next clicks. Options like searching, sorting, and filters make content discovery easier. The interface stays out of the way letting content shine.

Uncomplicated Controls

As soon as you start a video, minimal playback controls pop up. Tapping anywhere dismisses to enter/exit full-screen mode seamlessly. Typical PVR capabilities like pausing, seeking, playback speed controls, adding subtitles, and video quick forward/rewind buttons enable moment-by-moment viewing. The usual ‘Cast Screen’ sign is ever-present to beam onto larger displays.

Stable Playback

During program playback, the RTS TV app Download reliably retains the video cache consistently. Do note occasional rebuffering instances depending on your network strengths. Tap the quality button to adapt the resolution to match connection bandwidths for smooth playback devoid of stutters. Downloads mitigate stability concerns entirely for offline viewing.

Room for Improvement

We did observe a few sections that need design polish providing scope for improvement. Regional content navigation can be enhanced using filters and genres. Watchlist management features are inadequate to handle expansive libraries. Universal search across shows and movie titles is missed. But these are mere feature gaps rather than application stability concerns and are periodically enhanced via updates.

Analyzing the Market Outlook for the RTS TV App

Rising in parallel to the growing band of Non-resident Indians is the consumer demand for Indian language entertainment overseas accessed through digital avenues. As per industry reports, Indian diaspora viewership of content stands at over 50 million globally. That’s the addressable market for players like RTS tv mod Apk download. Let’s assess viability from business and audience standpoint:

Value Proposition for Viewers

For the Indian expat community spread worldwide across time zones, RTS Apk Download solves the dilemma of lacking access to local Indian cable channels. It replaces expensive hardware setups to view satellite receiver streamed Indian content. The free service aspect expands reach to wider economic groups. Unlimited VOD access grants control over content selection and scheduling.

Revenue Generation Possibilities

RTS TV Program seems to have replicated ad-driven business models of the Indian TV ecosystem with commercial slots. Additional non-intrusive subscription plans layer the next set of fee-generation prospects. Specially curated channels around occasions like Diwali, Pongal, or exclusive video content licensing deals are untapped opportunities.

Growth Potential in International Markets

Emerging OTT segment indications signal promising features. India’s video streaming industry is slated to be worth $4 billion riding on regional content growth at 30% CAGR. RTS TV latest fits suitably to seize this market internationally. Newer content partnership additions can sustain consumer appetite. For now, RTS Games TV suffices the homesick NRI populous but more can be achieved.


Summary and Verdict

RTS Portal TV merits applause for getting the core Indian TV viewing experience apt without complexities. The free access granted to unlimited entertainment spanning movies, shows, and TV channels is difficult to match. All generations can operate the app smoothly once pass the generic software installation hurdles. For Indian expatriates, RTS TV Android is the most cost-effective, familiar, and contemporary replacement to India-based satellite TV packages. Just log in, plug in headphones, and let RTSTV teleport you locally back home!

Faq’s for RTS TV APK

What is RTS TV?

RTSTV is a free mobile app available on Android and iOS devices that lets you stream over 100 Indian TV channels and over 2000 movies for free. It is an on-demand service with content in different Indian languages.

How much does RTS TV cost to use?

RTSTV is free to download and access. However, it is ad-supported. There is an ad-free premium subscription available for a quarterly fee if you wish to avoid advertisements.

What content does RTS TV have?

RTSTV has over 100 popular Indian TV channels across languages like Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali and more. It also has over 2000 Indian movies across genres like action, drama, comedy, etc. spanning from classics to recent hits.

Which devices support RTS TV?

RTSTV can be accessed using Android smartphones and Android TV boxes as well as iPhones or iPads running iOS 11 or above. It is a mobile-only service currently without desktop or web access.

Can I stream RTSTV content on my TV?

Yes, RTSTV supports Google Chromecast allowing you to cast the content playing on your mobile to stream to any television with an HDMI port. This lets you watch your favorite Indian TV shows on a bigger screen.

Can I access RTS TV while traveling abroad?

RTSTV content geo-restrictions to deter piracy enabling access only to viewers physically present in countries outside India during app usage. If traveling overseas, you can stream content without limitations.

How can I cancel my RTS TV subscription?

RTSTV does not have mandatory subscriptions so there is nothing you need to actively cancel. However if you did purchase premium quarterly plans, email support@rtstv.com to cancel future renewals.

I hope this RTSTV frequently asked question guide covers the basics on using this Indian entertainment app. Let me know if you need any further app-specific information!

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